Why Should You Recommend Clickfunnels – The Best Marketing Tool

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ClickFunnels is one of the best paying partner programs in the world. So why should you recommend Clickfunnels?

The CF partner program pays 40% recurring commission for as long as the customer remains a customer.

If a customer stays ten years through your partner link, you will get paid for ten years. Isn’t that fantastic?

Why Should You Recommend ClickFunnels?

Let me start by clarifying why I have ClickFunnels ranked as my number one affiliate program to promote.

First of all, I like the product itself.

First of all, I will explain to you why I chose ClickFunnels as my # 1 partner program to promote.

free trial clickfunnels

1. ClickFunnels offers 40% recurring partner commissions.

ClickFunnels has two subscription offers:

Users pay $ 97 / month or $ 297 / month, and they give partners 40% recurring commissions!

After a while, those commissions can become higher. I currently have 18 ClickFunnels customers for whom I get an affiliate commission; this is $ 1,190 in recurring income.

2. ClickFunnels uses sticky cookies to keep track of your commissions so that it will earn you more.

Another fantastic thing about the ClickFunnels affiliate program? The sticky cookies!

No chocolate cookies I’m talking about internet cookies. When someone visits a ClickFunnels product page through your partner link even if they do not buy, their internet browser tagged with a cookie.

That cookie then keeps track of future purchases and is credited to you!

As a partner of ClickFunnels, this is big news for these reasons:

  • If someone doesn’t purchase ClickFunnels or a ClickFunnels product immediately. And he decides to do so later (while their cookie is still there), you will always receive a commission on that purchase!
  • This makes it easier for ClickFunnels partners to get commissions.
  • But even if you don’t actively promote the other ClickFunnels products, you can still make affiliate commissions on them thanks to the sticky cookies!
  • All the people you have referred ClickFunnels. Who has tagged with your affiliate marketing link cookie can purchase other ClickFunnels products, and you will receive that commission!
  • Can this be even better?

The process also works in reverse!

3. ClickFunnels is a sales funnel software

Oh, and one last thing:

Did I mention that you, as an affiliate, can use ClickFunnels to sell ClickFunnels?

Also, ClickFunnels is a super awesome partner program that pays very well and makes it easy to earn.

If you have promoted one of ClickFunnels product such as one of their books or courses. Then someone buys it or not, and it tagged with your connected cookie.

And if the same person buys the ClickFunnels software later, you will still receive recurring partner commissions!

All in all, ClickFunnels is an excellent affiliate program which pays well and makes it easy to earn.

If you did promote a ClickFunnels product like one of their books or courses. And that same person buys ClickFunnels software later; you’ll still get the recurring affiliate commissions

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The Big Russell

What Russell teaches us is also very lovely? I have read both books (DotComSecrets & ExpertSecrets), and I am very impressed with each book.

In the books, there are many useful ideas that I now apply to my company.

In terms of the ClickFunnels affiliate program, you earn 40% recurring commissions on sales also 40% commissions on products in the ClickFunnels system.

This includes Russell’s books and other products like Funnel Scripts.

One clarifies is the One Funnel Away Challenge which offers 100% commissions per sale. You earn $100 for a $100 product!

Each product has its funnel designed by Russell Brunson.  You can even recommend free products like the first Affiliate Bootcamp. Then you can earn money on the OFA challenge upsell.

ClickFunnels also uses what’s called a STICKY COOKIE!

Once a customer has your sticky cookie and clicked your link you will get commissions on ALL products they purchased.

You also get 5% commissions for any ClickFunnels referred an affiliate who sign up under you.

The Dream Car

Last of all, ClickFunnels has one of the coolest bonus prizes, which is paying your dream car.dream car clickfunnels

If you make 100 ClickFunnels customers, they will pay $500 a month for your dream car. And if you make 200 signups, they’ll pay you $1000 per month.

I just recently qualified for the Dream Car myself, and I’m looking forward to getting my car shortly.

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My Last Words

Clickfunnels is one of the best marketing tools out there. Don’t hesitate and take The Free Trial.

Our you still have questions please leave a comment below.

Click funnels Summary 2020 – Is Click Funnels A Legitimate Business

page builder suck

My Click Funnels summary 2020 will help you to understand what the ClickFunnels tool holds for your business now and in the coming year.

The tool provides interactive features for designing stunning websites as well as marketing funnels that companies could employ to engage with their audience and even drive sales out there.

What Is Click Funnels?

It’s a landing page software and much more.  Click Funnels is a funnel builder that makes it simple to sell online products online.

Unlike a website package, Click Funnels provides you with the marketing tools that make it easy to drag and drop your designs with its builder, no coding needed!

And this means you don’t need to wait for someone to build your website for you.

Click Funnels Has Created A New Trend

That makes it easy for all of us at whatever level to create something big

The Clickfunnels package is a sales funnel that makes it easy to list, sell, and deliver their products or services online. Instead of a website package, Clickfunnels offers you the tools with which you can easily adjust your ideas with the drag & drop builder, without having to know code!

In any case, what we all want in the end is to sell and I think that is the most significant difference you can find with a website.

Russell Brunson Is The Creator

The sales funnel that Click Funnels has created you from one place to another to consume most of its products.

Russell Brunson is the creator of Click Funnels. And for me, it is not a minor fact to know why the invention of Click Funnels, for my part, I wanted to go a little deeper and learn a bit more.

Unlike how I usually learn the tools (100% self-taught), Russel Brunson made me feel that I had to go deeper more out of it.

So I decided to buy one of his DOTCom Secrets books, which is free shipping. After reading this book, I sharply changed the perspective of how to do digital marketing.

Now I understand why North Americans are so good with Digital Marketing.

Clickfunnels webinar

How Does It Work?

Well, now I will explain how Click funnels works and what are the possibilities offered with the creation of sales funnels.

First, I have to tell you that everything is great with this tool.

I do not consider it a difficult tool for those who already come from the digital marketing branch.

Sales Funnels One of the things that perhaps made me most comfortable with the tool is that you don’t have to design a sales funnel from scratch. Although you can do it, you can also go directly to import a pre-designed sales funnel based on the type of funnel you need to create.

There are various types of sales funnels, lead capture, product sales, membership website, webinar, and courses. In my circumstance, I needed to create a straightforward tube where the goal was to capture leads.

On the other hand, when selecting a sales funnel, I found that each of them has a roadmap where it explains how the tube works. An explanatory video where Rusell Bronson explains the funnel’s operation. Pre-designed templates:

A sales funnel has individual pages. In my case; 

I needed an opt-in page (the page where users leave their data) and a Thanks Page (thank you page).

In this case, Click Funnels offers you pre-designed templates for each of the pages that make up your funnel; at this point, you will find free and paid templates.

In my case, I used some free templates and then modified the design to my liking using the visual constructor. Visual Composer (Drag & Drop) Nothing to touch in the code! And again, I think that there are few tools left that need to move Html code.

The other point is with which I felt very comfortable since I used to work with visual composers. What to say about it, nothing from another world, a visual composer, drag, drop and go.

What I do have to say is that many of the elements you find are 100% conversion-oriented, and when it comes to creating a sales funnel that is a plus.

Who is Click Funnels for?

Click Funnels is everything that a company or professional needs to market and deliver its products or services, according to the company’s own words.

I could tell you in this My Clickfunnels summary 2020, that click funnels are one of the complete tools that exist right now in the market.

The strong point of this program is that it is effortless to create a funnel and start working (something that does not happen on most platforms).

ClickFunnels also offers an email auto-reply feature, which helps in automatically send pre-written emails to the visitors based on what you want them to do on your website.

Sales Funnel What Is It?

Sales funnel today one of the most essential and necessary designs in digital marketing. It can make your unknown company raise a lot of money in a short time. Every product or service uses sales judges. And this is a skill that you need to master, but when mastered, it can quickly get more leads, customers and raise money.

Funnel Layers

A sales funnel a step-by-step plan that guides your customer through a deal. When someone buys a product from you. You have the opportunity to point out other items to the customer and then resell them to them after you have their contact details.

Sales funnel nowadays is one of the most basic and necessary concepts in digital marketing.

It can bring a completely unknown company with the right copywriter to a company of several million dollars in a short time. A variety of products and services make use of sales judges. So this is a skill that needs to refine, but once mastered, it can quickly sell products and services.

Imagine the ordinary kitchen funnel for when you think of a sales funnel. It is wide at the top to catch a lot of product. This upper section is used to accommodate many people who may have shown an interest in products or services that you offer.

This high safety net can also quickly bring you to name recognition. In this first step, someone can click on your offer. The best possible offer that will tempt your visitors to click. This section must contain enough substance to arouse their interest.

a. Tell a Strong Story

These sales judges are reconciled via e-mail and are used to tell the person a good story. This funnel style must be so well-told that it forces people to follow and ultimately to buy. No matter how you make your funnel, the idea is that when you get deeper into the tube, your prospect brings you closer to a client. The goal is to make them so warm that they want to buy.

b. Why Use A Sales Funnel?

If you used to work with a website to promote your products or services, you would quickly recognize the value of a sales funnel. This funnel helps you direct traffic to the right people and a series of landing pages. This promotion can get more leads and put together an enamelist.

The construction process of such a funnel can sometimes be long and complicated. That is why you need Clickfunnels. You can build fantastic funnels on this platform.

millions top sales funnel

Basic And Pro Alternatives

Click Funnels offers two alternatives: 

The basic:

First is to use an external Auto-respond, which was the option that I choose. (you can use Getresponse)

The Pro: 

is to move from the Basic plan to the PRO, which has an integrated Auto-respond Actionetics.

That is to say in that case, all the management of your databases would be within the same Click Funnels.

Top Features Of Click Funnels

  • Funnel Template Blue Prints
  • High Visual Drag and Drop Editor
  • Big Selection of Page Elements
  • Sharing Your Funnels with Your Friends and Clients
  • Tutorial and Clickfunnels Onboarding Process
  • More Features Of ClickFunnels
  • Share Funnels
  • Actionetics
  • Knapsack Tool

The Pros Of Click Funnels

  • simple and easy to use page builder suck
  • Prebuilt Sales Funnels
  • Multiple Applications
  • Save time and money
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Get Multiple Templates
  • Ideal for Internet marketing

The Cons Of Click Funnels

  • It Could Be Too Simple
  • It Focuses on Lots of Areas
  • Not That Much Customization

Contacts And Sales Panel

This program also acts as a CRM. So through this panel, you can save all the leads you generate as well as the sales generated through Clickfunnels.

How Much Is Click Funnels After The Free Trial?

Click funnels offer two prices, in both cases; it’s a monthly payment membership.

The most economical plan has a value of $ 97 per month after the 14-day free trial.

And does not have integrated Actionetics or Backpack, while in the basic version you will have to use a third-party auto-reply.

The Pro version cost $ 297 per month, after the 14-day free trial.

It includes all the functionalities developed.

Final Click Funnel Summary 2020 verdict

Hopefully, my Clickfunnels summary 2020 meets what you are looking for. If you are wondering if Clickfunnels is worth it. Then I have to say yes – Click Funnels is such a reliable online program that lets you create landing pages, sales pages, webinar funnels that people have to go through to get the desired action, such as buying products.

Get a free trial period of 14 days and test it out. I hope you enjoyed our Clickfunnels summary. Have your questions about the tool or our review, write your response below, and I will answer your questions about this fantastic program.

Best Click Funnels Training – Why We Need Sales Funnels

How many people use the internet daily? Anyone who wants to promote or expand his business must sell his product or services on the internet. Selling a product or service via the internet is not easy; that is why I explain how best Click Funnels training works.

What Is Click Funnels?

Clickfunnels is a step by step funnel builder made to help the business owners increase their leads, conversion rate, and sales. The user can make the most compelling website by dragging and dropping.

Clickfunnels has designed the best functions with which the entrepreneur can promote and sell his product on the internet. Sales funnels are used by millions of entrepreneurs around the world to generate leads, increase conversions, and fuel their sales.

Clickfunnels strategy makes it easy to promote companies through the powerful funnel builder. The funnel builder has many functions and a lot of examples that help your company get ahead.

There is also mail automation to manage your email marketing campaign. They have the best Customer Relationship Management system available on the market. Sales funnels are what Click Funnels Training is.

What Is The Best Training

Builder Funnel Secrets is the best training for Click Funnels. If you sign up for a free trial, you get these course for FREE

You will learn to build your first funnel from zero to launch (excellent training)

The Working Of Click Funnels Training To Expand Your Business

Entrepreneurs create a website to attract the customer. Visitors to your website certainly do not automatically become your customers. That is why a site or page is designed to have a higher conversion rate.

You do not need a website to market your product on the internet. Click funnels help you build a funnel for your visitors to view your product and service. Click funnels make it possible to spend more time on sales than to build a website.

Click funnels make it possible for you to use the system for 14 days free of charge? So it is effortless to try out a pre-built sales funnel. There are many sales funnels in the training platform.

The sales judges built in advance can adjust to your business wishes. You can create lead capture funnels to expand your email list. To sell your product and service, you can use Click Funnels to develop sales funnels pages.

There are all kinds of sales funnels. This way, you can promote your webinar with webinar funnels. All the tools you need are available to help your business.

Clickfunnels webinar

What Are The Best Click Funnels Training Elements?

With this unique funnel builder, de marketer can make the most attractive site. The page elements are natural to add. Page elements can be videos, timers, animation, or other features. You can also add specific functions such as an autoresponder, payment gateway, etc.

With Click funnels, it is straightforward to make a profitable funnel. This is the best solution for companies to expand their customers.

It is the most favorite funnel builder. The many powerful functions make it simple to help the marketer build the best funnels.

And this for every product or service. With Click funnels, the business owner can grow his business more effectively. This way you can take your company to the next level.

My Idea About This

Click Funnels is undoubtedly not a scam. It is just not well known by some people. Think of a car that is made to make long distances. If you don’t know what to do to drive a long distance, you can’t drive a reasonable distance. So he cannot say that the car is fake. It just depends on the user.

Hey, guys, if you have some questions or comments, use the form below.